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  • Need help

    Ok...I re did the whole shoutcast via admin pro 2.0 and I STILL cant understand why I am getting a ICY 401 - unable to connect to server there anyone who can contact me on this? I need to get my station up and running again cuz Im losing $$...

    I also gotta add that I went to shoutcast DNAS and it said my server was on the shoutcast administrator 2.0 it shows online and active, but on the auto dj page it shows offline stream....I really need someone's help on this asap

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    Who's your hosting provider?

    What auto DJ program is it running?

    To which admin panel do you refer?
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      it would have been easier to keep things to just one thread instead of creating two (irrespective of having re-done configs, etc).

      if the DNAS (what version i still do not know though i'd have to probably guess it's a v1 DNAS as per my reply at is reporting that it is down, then it matches with my guess and with the error being seen in that you haven't got a source (e.g. Source DSP, SAM, Liquidsoap, Butt, etc) connected to the DNAS server.

      no source will mean the stream is not active,clients will not be allowed to connect as there's nothing for them to connect to be served. so as per my reply in the other thread, you need to check and make sure that the source software (whatever it is) is running and is able to connect to the DNAS server.

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        Part 2

        Hey Daz:

        Thanks for the reply...ok so lemme clear this up, sorry for being vague about things, but I am using the Shoutcast DNAS hosting provider is **************, which I just converted on the 26th, but I was still under my old provider,, which is now extinct as of today. So could that possibly be THE problem? I called them and "they" told me that the IP and the port of 8007 were open on their end.

        So help me out do I get the DNAS connected to source? I use station************* as my "source"...and I am currently on WHM Sonic for my shoutcast needs.

        Thank you in advance for your help. I will wait for your response....


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          i can't tell if you're filtering things in your posts or you're entering something which the forums are auto-filtering out as it's not making much sense.

          right, so if i'm following things correctly (though anything is possible at this late hour of the day), then what you want _is_ a relay if you're using 'station************* as my "source"'. if that is so and you're using a v1 DNAS then you need to use the 'relayport' and 'relayserver' config options where you set the port and ip/address of the server you're pulling from into the config file of the main DNAS server's config file that you're trying to setup.

          if that's not the case then i'm completely lost with what you're trying to do / say and i'd probably get your paid host to help you out (unless they're just giving you the means to run a DNAS and the appropriate bandwidth which i've a feeling is probably the case).

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