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Is ShoutCast v2 was improved for people behind a Firewall ?

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  • Is ShoutCast v2 was improved for people behind a Firewall ?


    I'm Michael, a french user of ShoutCast v2.

    Sorry in advance for my poor english !

    I use ShoutCast v2 since my partner "marci" was compatible with it, in march 2012, and I've seen some very strage ip adress.

    In fact, ths port is the strange part of the IP. On ShoutCast v2, the listeners port's IP has 5 digits, and is always changed on each connexion.

    examples :


    So, I asked myself it ShoutCast v2 is optimised for route people behind a firewall to a "non bloked ports", because I use a windows media server only for the "mms" protocol, and I would like to know if ShoutCast v2 is better than mms protocol for route the people blocked by their firewall.

    I hope you will understand my point of view, because it's not easy to explain a technical problem in english, when you don't speak english very well ! I learned english at school, but I never listened to my teacher :-(

    have a nice day

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    listener port is only ever the same as your shoutcast port in 1 out of every 64512 connections

    to understand why, you need a basic understanding of TCP/IP

    however, you don't need to worry about it - those listener port numbers are irrelevant
    "If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

    So I did


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      OK, thank you very much for your technical explanation.

      If your are programmeur of something like this, maybe I can be interested by your services.

      I asked another technical question here :

      It's about a way to broadcast in wav or flac.

      have a nice day