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W3C log gets overwritten on restart

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  • W3C log gets overwritten on restart


    I am using Shoutcast DNAS/win64 v2.0.0.29 (Jul 31 2011) and it appears that everytime the server gets restarted the current w3clog file gets overwritten without a rollover.
    The normal sc_serv.log is rolling over correctly at each start.

    Is there a way I can prevent this from happening without manually triggering a roll over each time?
    I have read the documentation but have not found anything w3c related besides enabling/disabling it.

    The w3clogfile itself is a bit weird aswell, it is missing a header and has an empty line every other line, a client of mine gave me an example of his w3c log file (using version 1.9.8) and it appeared to have a correct header.

    I am writing a parser for said client and need complete log files to do this.

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    there are issues with the w3c log output in the current build which exhibits the issues you are seeing in the example you were provided. these as well as the rotation issue have been resolved internally and will be present in the fixes included in the next public release (no eta).

    as long as you've got a valid parser of the v1 DNAS w3c files then it will work with the fixed v2 DNAS.

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      Thank you for your response!

      I found an old version of shoutcast, we will test with this one instead.


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        Any recommendations on a 'valid parser' ??
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