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  • HTML non-flash player help

    Hi Guys,

    We are building a HTML player that doesn't use flash.

    We are having trouble getting the track info (now, prev, next etc.).

    I can see that it's set correctly in the play out system and it's displaying on the shoutcast flash player.

    How can we pull this?

    Any help really appreciated

    Once we're done we will post the results here as I'm sure I'm not alone on this

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    Bumping this with a more acurate request...

    We are trying to extract the ID3 tags from a shoutcast stream. We have looked all over the site but can only find reference that are pretty old.

    Some refer to using a seperate stream link like:


    But these have not worked either

    Does anyone out there have some sample php that will pull ID3 tags from a live stream?



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      Are you sure ID3 tags are even in the stream?
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        ID3 tags are not sent in-stream. depending on how the client is handling things, it's either a string inserted at specific points in the stream or it would be a uvox frame(s) containing the metadata.

        either you make a short connection to the stream and process the first few kb of stream data to find it (assuming that can be done with html5 - would have to think maybe websockets is something appropriate but i'm not sure) or you have to query the DNAS periodically (which depends on the version used as to how easy that is to do).

        unfortunately, unless you can process the stream data at the raw level, trying to get the in-stream title updates is going to be a struggle and i'm really not even sure that the html tech / api support in browsers is far along enough to cope with such things (at the time of this reply).

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