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Shoutcast DNAS server help

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  • Shoutcast DNAS server help

    hi there im trying to set up a shoutcast server for myself to stream audio to secondlife using sam broadcaster 4 but im having a couple issues am new to this and could use a little help setting up on my Asus G73SW using win7 64bit with a netgear router if anyone could help it would greatly be welcomed

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    if you need anymore info please let me know it will be a very active thread


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      HELP! Shoutcast DNAS

      Anyone know of any good tutorials for wanting to set up a shoutcast server for me to be able to stream audio online in secondlife using a windows 7 Asus G73SW and a netgear router im kinda new but i need one for a project im doing to be able to stream my own radio station