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My site disappeared in the directory

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  • My site disappeared in the directory

    Hopefully someone can help, because I can't understand what happened.

    I run 2 radio stations. I've run Gashouse Radio for the past 3 years, and last week I launched our second station Hebe Radio.

    When I launched the second station, Gashouse Radio disappeared from the SHOUTcast directory. Hebe Radio appeared, but if click on Hebe, Gashouse Radio is actually playing.

    How does this happen? They are 2 separate streams on separate ports, and if you tune in via the flash player on each website, everything is fine. What would confuse the SHOTcast directory and how can I fix this?

    Thank you anyone who can help!

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    it's a bug in the YP handling which is affecting a small number of stations when the IP is the same but there are other streams on a different port.

    there's nothing you can do about it (unless you can use a v2 DNAS or run the other one on a different IP) as i need to make a number of code changes to the YP but decided it best not to attempt such a thing until after the holiday period so i can ensure i'm around incase there are further issues.

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      Thank you for your help!