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  • Auth Hash Not Working

    Good evening to all

    We have recently installed centovacast v3 on our dedicated

    We are having issues after we create any type of new stream radio shoutcast v2.

    The stream never gets to connect with to retrieve an auth hash

    And here is our error message according to the log files:
    2013-03-23 10:11:29 I msg:[YP2] Connecting to
    2013-03-23 10:11:29 E msg:[YP2] [YP2] Badly formed HTTP response [] Restarting in one minute

    Please keep in mind that we have did various and long tests on our server side
    to check and view if its a case from our side (dns resolving et.c).

    Also Centova ITs, Devs have checked up all log files to be sure there is no issue
    related to their software.

    So we tend to believe now that this issue is related to Shoutcast Directory Service.

    Please its very important for someone to get back to us as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards
    Jim (support dep. @ iplayradio)

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    Good evening.

    We are getting these errors when creating a new radio stream to be public:
    2013-03-23 10:11:29 I msg:[YP2] Connecting to
    2013-03-23 10:11:29 E msg:[YP2] [YP2] Badly formed HTTP response [] Restarting in one minute

    Hope to find a solution to this.



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      it's a bug in the DNAS. i don't know if it's been fixed in the DNAS or not but as there's no available update, the only suggestion is to change back to a v1 DNAS or manually setup a v2 DNAS on a different machine and generate the authhash on that and then copy it into the Centova config or set the stream to be private (then it won't need an authhash).

      and please don't make multiple posts / pm's about things (especially on a sunday) it's just annoying.
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        Hello DrO

        Can you please let me know via email or in this topic, when this bug will be fixed ?

        Also what are the benefits when a stream is private instead of public ?

        Will i be able to submit the stream urls from private streams to itunes or windows media guide ?

        I dont have the posibility to install shoutcast v2 on another server.

        Please advise.


        QUESTION: i am trying to find a support for my problem. Isn't that the reason you have this forum ? What are you annoyed ? Is that a proper attitude ?


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          i have given you all i know about there being a solution as i don't know if there is a solution as it was not an issue i remember coming across when i did work on the v2 DNAS.

          i have given you the best options to work around the issue - and based on the above then you need to use the v1 DNAS if you want the stream to be listed in the SHOUTcast Directory.

          private means it won't be listed in the SHOUTcast Directory - it has zero effect on doing things with other directories, it is just purely related to being listed in the SHOUTcast Directory.

          my point about it "being annoying" is 1 post would have sufficed and yes i know this is a super important issue but considering it's a sunday night and i'm checking / replying to posts in my own time, having to spend that time checking though multiple reports of the same thing is a waste of both your time and also mine. if i've offended then i'm sorry.
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            Ok. I understand and thank you for assisting to the issue.

            I just dont wish to use shoutcast v1, as i want to use the multi-bitrate issue
            with mount points (sc_trans2). I want to be able to offer this to my customers.

            Shoutcast v1 is old technology and we like to move ahead - am i wrong ?

            Well i guess i can proceed in offering streams as private.. and hopefully this can
            perhaps fixed in the future.



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              as it's not an issue i know off or even know if it was fixed by coincidence with other changes made in the internal builds (when i was working on the tools), i just don't know if there is a solution for your issue or not.

              yes v1 is old but v2 is not completely stable as you're finding out. i've only suggested going back to the old v1 DNAS as the tone of your posts implied that this was something that needed an instant solution and as such it is.
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                I dont believe there is something wrong with the "tone" of my posts.

                I just mentioned the problem i am experiencing, and came here to this forum
                to see what could be the problem be.

                I wasn't aware that v2 is unstable... and to be precise isn't that issue related with
       ? And not the program itself... Unless i got the wrong picture.

                I will ask sorry, if i was missunderstood here or if you got my "tone" in a wrong way.

                All i am trying to find out, is a kind of solution or possible reason(s) of why is that happening.

                Thank you


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                  when i refer to 'tone' i meant the sense of urgency in your posts. clearly my native use of english is causing issues to people again on here.

                  in most cases the v2 DNAS is viable for production use but there are edge cases of usage (because no one tried it out until the 'beta' tag was removed) which means that people like yourself will experience seemingly weird issues.

                  authhash generation is done via the DNAS and and the responses it provides back are known to be correct which means that it's down to the DNAS not handling things correctly (or having correctly sent a valid response).
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                    Please dont take it personally. My english is not the best, and in any case i dont have
                    any problems with you or your English.

                    Just dont take it personally please.

                    So as conclusion we have, that DNAS has some issues from time to time...

                    I like the streams to be listed as public on the shoutcast directory, which is logical,
                    all people like their radio station to be listed (more publicity)... but i guess i have
                    to live with that small issue..

                    Anyway thanks for all your support, it was really helpful.