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Nullsoft SHOUTcast source DSP v2.3.2 general output question

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  • Nullsoft SHOUTcast source DSP v2.3.2 general output question

    I see there are 5 outputs in this DSP plugin. I am wondering what they could be used for. I have one wavecast server account. and port 2475 stream 1.

    I have it set up as output one. It works fine. I am just wondering what 2-5 could be used for. Can you set up multiple outputs from one server account?

    I was thinking of letting a friend use my wavestreamer server account and password to set up an output 2 in the SHOUTcast DSP using Winamp on her computer.

    Didnt know if thats what these outputs where used for or what...

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    it just means you can take the current input from Winamp / soundcard and be able to output multiple copies of it which can go to other servers or the same server on a different stream # or be different format / bitrate e.g. an mp3 and aac stream from the same input data.

    and you could be using output 5 to stream to your server if needed, all that matters is the login details and the encoding are done in the format required / wanted.
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