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  • Broadcast license key

    Upon setting up a shoutcast server V2 with a service provider, I was advised to buy a broadcaster's license key, which I did on credit card payment of $5. I received the key and the name which I used for configuration on centovacast control panel. The server worked for few seconds and then it is no longer working. It works well if I set it for AAC stream. But on MP3 it does not even though I am using a purchased licensed key.

    Is there any way to verify if the key has been locked out by the licenser or what else has happened.

    Need help.

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    If you entered it into a centova product and it dont work
    i suggest you should ask centova ...they have a forum.
    If they dont help you tell your provider to ask them.
    you could also play the lottery


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      I was hoping that some one will know a way out for this if they had similar problems. Or does some one know who to contact for issue with license key. The log file of the server says that there is a problem with the shoutcast license key.


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        Your SHOUTcast Broadcaster License Key order is showing as valid/active in the odrers database.

        The key is for use with the SHOUTcast Transcoder (sorry, I've no idea what centovacast even is)

        SHOUTcast Broadcast Tools

        SHOUTcast Transcoder download (Windows 32-bit version / other versions available at above link)

        The reg name & key should be entered into the sc_trans.conf file:

        unlockkeyname=[Enter Your Customer Name Here]
        unlockkeycode=[Enter the exact Registration Key here]

        I've forwarded you a copy of your order details, which includes the reg key.
        The Customer Name is the same as the one you used on the order form, and the same as the one the order details email is addressed to (i.e. "Dear (your name)")

        I hope this helps!

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          Centova is the most used commercial serverside-software
          used for running a shoutcast-station from a server.

          Their reputation is that they dont help users
          just buyers...since most users dont buy it and instead just use it
          as part of their payed effectively means they get no support.
          their forum is useless also...i never got a single good answer. (if any)

          Anyway Centova internally uses Shoutcast-software
          but you cannot access it directly.
          everything goes trough the Centova-panel
          any codes or licences..go trough the Centova panel also.

          If you use did enter that code into a centova-panel

          Yes or No ?

          How things work on this planet is that if you have a problem
          at point X then you complain (try to solve) at point-X
          ie: you look for solutions there where the problem occurs
          since it obviously occurred whe you enter it into Centova somewhere
          you need to go to Centova.

          ...does that make sense ?

          Now i told you that you shouldn´t count on Centova support
          (i suppose you did not buy just rent it)
          it effectively means you should complain to your shoutcast-service-provider (host)
          He should solve this for you with centova..if he dont ..get a other host.