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    Hi There,

    I have recently set up my radio station and im getting an app set up for it, my app developer is asking for a DEV ID and API Key??
    I am not familiar with all technical stuff, so does he need this to get things like, album art work for each track and next song playing and current song?

    I have been on Shout cast and it mentions something about DNAS server and i need to download it. I'm using a Mac book and every time i go to open the download a green zip file pops up then disappears, i look in the downloads folder and it comes up with the folder and a HTMl document, i open that and it open an internet page but also say it find find the help detail log ??


    Can some one please help me

    Nisa / Stephen

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    you don't need a devid / api key for a station specific app - that's only if you were going to do something against other listings (which probably wouldn't be accepted on the partner api program anyway).

    without a DNAS server you don't have a SHOUTcast stream - it's what takes in the audio and provides it to listeners as well as getting the stream listed in the SHOUTcast Directory. if, as you say you have, setup a SHOUTcast based radio station then you should already be running on a DNAS server.

    if your app developer needs to get information from the DNAS, then details what is available to get from it (as is included in the docs which come with the DNAS). if using an old v1 based DNAS then you'd need to consult it's documentation (though note that it is no longer directly supported) or contact the hosting provider (if using one to get some help).
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      Ok so I have my radio station set up, I brought it through Shout cast/ wave panel, would that make a difference?

      I have sent our app developer the reply you have me and ill see what he can do with that!

      Thank you


      Nisa /Stephen


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        you wouldn't have bought it through us [SHOUTcast] as we don't sell hosting directly, but however you're hosted, as long as the app developer is able to connect to and query things from the DNAS server then there shouldn't be an issue with getting things (subject to the version of the DNAS being used as to what and how much information is available - that will depend on what the hosting provider you're using is using).
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          Hi, Yes we brought it through Wavepanel.

          Is there a code i could use to just have the Album artwork and Now playing information on our website in HTML format. as i think it just looks smarter and also a play button.


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            there's no way to currently query the DNAS server for artwork (even if using a v2 DNAS which can support it as long as using a v2 compatible source which provides it) otherwise you need to use external services to get applicable artwork etc.

            getting the now playing information is detailed in the link i'd provided previously (again subject to the version of the DNAS being used) and is more appropriate to ask your host to confirm what they are using as well as if they have anything pre-coded which you can use.
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              Thank for getting back to me.

              Unfortunately Wave panel do not provide technical support.

              Ill find a way I'm sure thank you anyway