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Voice and Music problem

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  • Voice and Music problem


    I want to "talk on air" but with music as backround. I used to do it in my previous computer with "what you hear" option but now I have problem.

    I open my sound/mixer configs and I find only these options:

    Sound panel picture 1:

    Sound panel picture 2:

    Record panel picture:

    It is emergency cause I need it for my job, and I would like to assist me the soonest you can. I kindly ask to provide me with another software if it's necessary. Sorry but as I am working on a station and I really need this to be done soon.


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    is a known issue when using anything newer than Windows XP ->
    WACUP Project <‖> "Winamp Ramblings" - Indie Winamp Dev Blog


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      I have the same issue. I have to choose between using voice (soundcard) and music (Winamp). I also do not see the "what I hear" option.

      I am using winamp 5.65, Shoutcast source dsp 2.3.3 on Windows 7. Is there no way to have music and voice at the same time streaming?

      Thanks in advance for your help.


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        and running in legacy mode


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          I read the link posted here, I just wanted to confirm that this is not possible. I also read in another post that a third party software could be used to feed the 2 inputs into the winamp shoutcast plugin. Is anyone aware of something that can do this?

          Thanks in advance