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  • Streamer is down HELP

    We broadcast using SAM broadcaster and have been for about 2 years. Passwords, IP, etc have been the same since starting. About two weeks ago, our stream stopped and we kept getting a message that said "Cannot connect to server". We turn the encoder on and it tries to connect then gives us the message "Disconnected".

    We contacted SAM. They told us to contact Shoutcast because one of the following problems exist: "there is an issue with the credentials being used to configure the encoders. Something is not right, username, password, server IP address, the server could be down or someone else is connected."
    No one else has our info and is tapping in, so it's something wrong with our credentials.

    Please help!

    TN Radio Lady

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    you actually need to contact the hosting provider you're using as i doubt you're on the streaming service we provide (which is ad-supported so doesn't involve any payment) and for any other hosting (as i strongly suspect you're using), it's the host who you're paying that you need to be contacting rather than us (as there's very little we can do in such cases).
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      Thanks for responding. I guess I'm a little confused. We use SAM, but our encoders are set up and ShoutCast is our selected server. That has always been the case. I'm sorry but I'm confused. Please help to clarify. Thanks so much!


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        pm me the address of the server you're trying to connect to as that will help to know who you need to contact to resolve the issue.
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