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Windows 7 and Windows Firewall

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  • Windows 7 and Windows Firewall

    More of a question, rather than a problem, I think....
    Like most people, I have a couple of computers behind a router, connected to a bigname ISP.
    I got a test shoutcast station up and running on xp just fine.

    Tried it on Windows 7 and the server complained about reaching my public ip; the same issue/msg I had on the XP before I setup port forewarding on the router. But that wasnt the problem here.

    Went into W7's Windows Firewall and found Four (4) Inbound Rules for sc_serv.exe; 2 marked Public and 2 marked Private. Other than 1 pair being for TCP and 1 pair for UDP, there didnt seem to be any differences. The Private ones were for 1 of each protocol.
    I switched them all to Public and it works fine.

    * Should there be 4 rules??
    * If so, what are the differences between the ones for a given protocol??
    * Did I do anything "dangerous"?

    Thank you,
    You guys rock!

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    you don't need the UDP rules, the DNAS only works over TCP. maybe the extra rules came from Windows trying to be clever - though from experience, you should have been prompted by Windows when the DNAS is first run on the machine the type of network access it should be allowed. maybe that was missed or already done by someone else which would explain the seeming weirdness.
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      I dnt get what is UDP rules and DNAS Only. Can you <a href="">elaborate</a> more on this.