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  • Summary Page login

    When I try to access my Administrator summary page I get a request for a username and password. In the documentation it states:

    The next step is to login to the Administrator Summary page which is accessed via the Administrator Login on the DNAS Summary page (found at the top right as shown in the image of the DNAS Summary page). If DNAS server is running on the same machine then you can usually access it directly at If you have changed 'portbase' then change 8000 to the value specified for 'portbase' in your config file.

    To login, the username is admin and the password is the configured adminpassword

    however this doesn't work. Since I cannot access my summary page, I cannot get a Authhash and cannot register.

    Windows 8
    Shoutcast DSP
    Winamp 5.666


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    what you've quoted appears to be from older documentation as it's the "Server Login" option which needs to be used with the currently supported DNAS. alas you've not mentioned what version of the DNAS you're trying to use.
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      Thank you for responding so quickly.
      I believe I see what you're saying.

      I was at the new Shoutcast Suite of Streaming products, I chose the DNAS 2.4 monetization choice since I have a station currently hosted by Wavestreaming. To participate in your program I need to move off of them.

      On that page is download Shoutcast Source DSP 2.3.5

      I believe what I should do is go under DNAS 2.4 No monetization. Build there and hope there is an easy upgrade to monetization.

      Looks like it's time for a fresh install.

      The documentation quoted was from the Broadcaster wiki, Core Documentation, Shoutcast Authhash Management page, Management section.

      I realize that updating documentation is a low priority with all the exciting things going on over there. Is there a step by step instruction for the new shoutcast suite? Or perhaps a migration guide from

      Thanks again.


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        if you've already got a working configuration then you can keep using that (assuming you've got a generally working setup you're now running yourself), so don't just start over everything as that will likely cause you more hassle in the long run.

        documentation correct for the DNAS being used is provided with the DNAS download. we know the wiki is behind things and it's somewhat a code vs document issue but what's provided with the DNAS will be correct for that version.

        as for the migration off Wavestreaming (which might not be needed), you'd be better using the feedback form on so those better versed in such matters can answer you directly.
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          Summary Page Login - Resolution

          Worked just like you said.

          To login, the username is 'admin' and the password is the
          configured adminpassword (see DNAS server - section 4.8)

          I just wanted to post in case anyone searched on this issue.

          Thank you for your help