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Shoutcast is streaming way to fast and unclear

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  • Shoutcast is streaming way to fast and unclear

    So I set up a shoutcast account and linked it to my winamp. everything is linked properly and it is playing back my music, HOWEVER, the music is distorted. its unclear with tons os static, or buffers, or sounds like a chipmunk, or all of the above. I've tried adjusting my encoder multiple times from everything ranging in between 40-320kbps but nothing is helping fix the issue. I also have the most updated version of the downloaded dsp. And the problem only happens on my stream. The music played back from my winamp sounds fine its only what others hear when they tune in to my channel. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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    Are you using any kind of intro file? If so, remove it - restart the server - and see if that fixes it. Intro files must be the same sample rate and bit rate as the stream for best results, although even then most Flash players will still act up. No intro file at all is usually the best.
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      still kinda new to the whole shoutcast thing, but i never set up an intro file of any kind so i dont think im using one


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        there's no source connected at the time of this reply so it's hard to check what it's outputting. so can you please confirm exactly what Source DSP and Winamp versions you're using (as you've said you're using the current Source DSP release but don't mention what Winamp version i.e. is it the patched build from ? ).
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