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Piping Microphone Through Winamp

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  • Piping Microphone Through Winamp

    So I am trying to use a headset to talk on a SHOUTcast broadcast. Using the Soundcard Input makes me not able to stream music (I assume it is only broadcasting what is coming straight through the soundcard, not through Winamp its self.) I've been searching the net for the last few hours and couldn't really find anything on whether or not I can pipe my headset directly through Winamp and broadcast voice over my stream. Anyone have any ideas?

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    search voiceover and im sure youll find something useful =]


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      Couple of approaches: You can have windows show you the Stereo Mix output of your computer (this is the output of all devices going to your speakers). Then you can do the below:

      If you're using windows you can do this by going to Recording Devices > (Your Microphone) > Properties > Listen

      Then you can check "Listen to this device" and then pick your normal output device.
      Typically it's best to operate from a computer that has multiple audio devices so that you can broadcast and interact with your computer and not worry about your computer's sounds being broadcast out.

      The alternative and better approach is to look up "Virtual Audio Cable" on google to really have full control of mixing audio on your computer. This way you can set your winamp's output and your microphone's output to the same virtual device and then hook up the dsp to that.
      What I do with SHOUTcast otherwise on TuneIn