Does anyone know how I can get the old Shoutcast Winamp screensaver to work again?
Turns out Radionomy is trying to buy Aol Shoutcast or has already dropped the bomb..,
I really liked the tantalizing visualizations that used to run in conjunction with the music being streamed. Its a real shame Some one finally got their hands on shoutcast I just know there are going to be numerous set backs on all kinds of levels. Can you guys please consider the visual effects that were available on the previous player.
I don't know why all good things always have to come to an end but man I just don't want to live on this planet anymore without my shoutcast winamp visualizations running.
I went out of my way to build a decent desktop PC with a super performance graphics card to finally be able to watch the visualizations that my laptop just couldn't play and then a few months later now I cant access it at all.