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[New radio on Radionomy] i've this error

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  • DJ Egg

    Is it actually a Radionomy station or is it a SHOUTcast station?

    If it's Radionomy then you should post on the Radionomy forum instead (Fr) (En)

    I've taken a look in the database but can't find any station or contact under the given credentials.
    What is the Station name and Stream URL?

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  • [New radio on Radionomy] i've this error


    I've just created a station on Radionomy.

    I've updated my profile on Radionomy : OK.

    And i've created my new radio via the menu link from my account "Radiomanager" ( OK.

    I've received a confirmation email (from nor[email protected]) that my radio has been successfully created.

    I've tried to update the link with my facebook account, a popup opening with facebook confirmation of linking: Radionomy with Facebook, i've refused and i've had an error in the popup (basic error message: an error occured...). I've closed the popup and i don't know why but i have been disconnected from Radionomy.
    So i reconnected, i was on my profile and i have clicked on the menu "Radiomanager" and i have been redirected to this error page:
    And i've retried, it always the case now .

    I can access my profile on radionomy so i've tried to link Radionomy with Facebook, in case of ;p. But i've the same error when i go to "Radiomanager".

    Hope it's the good topic/forum for this question.

    Could someone help me? Thanks,


    Jean-Christophe D.