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Ubuntu Installation sc_serv.conf help plz

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  • Ubuntu Installation sc_serv.conf help plz

    Hey guys,

    First time user of Shoutcast, just setup a VPS with Ubuntu. Have downloaded the shoutcast software onto the server into it's own folder, trying to edit the sc_serv.conf file within that folder however it's either coming up blank as a new file or with a whole bunch of characters, nothing readable.

    Have looked at a few tutorials online, might just be for older versions but their .conf files seem to come up fine with all the shoutcast settings needed inside just fine using 'nano'.

    Went through the examples folder and have found what looks to be different sections of the one main sc_serv.conf file I'm seeing from the tutorials, in 4 separate example config files.

    Can anyone help a noob out here, just need to get this conf stuff out of the way and I should be able to figure out the rest with the web interface up and running.

    Thank you!

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    I'm working with a debian system and I suggest you to forget the web interface. Create the config-file manually and add your needed options. With the basic example of the config, you have a good point of start. In the docs-folder of your download-package you will find all options which you can use. After every config-reload or restart of sc_serv check the log-file for error-messages - try to solve it everytime when it appears. You will see this is really not a big deal and at the end you will understand how simple it works.