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  • Limit of Listeners & Configuration

    We are considering using SHOUTcast to stream our radio, and we were wondering what the limit of listeners is.

    If there is listener limit, is there a possible way of removing the limit?

    Also at the moment, we believe we might have around 60.000-70.000 listeners, so does anyone have any tips as to which configuration would best suit us?


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    The amount of listeners you can have on a Shoutcast server is limited by the specifications your server has and bandwidth you have...

    All servers MAX out eventually!

    You would probably need a lot of different servers all on relays to handle 60K listeners at a rough guess.

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      Limit Query

      Thanks for the feedback,

      Could you please give me a suggestion? How should we go about handling such an amount of listeners? Best options?

      Should we opt for another solution other than ShoutCast? If yes, is there any you would recommend?

      Thanks again!


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        Asking the shoutcast forum for alternatives to shoutcast ... do you think you'll get any unbiased advice there sparky?

        if you have no current solution, what makes you think you can achieve 5 times as many listeners as the current most popular channel?

        if on the other hand, you already have 60 to 70 thousand listeners, stick with your current solution
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          It is an already popular radio station however we are trying to incorporate other aspects to it, such as live streaming and so on.

          I know it's pretty funny to ask for alternatives to shoutcast on this forum, but was just expecting some honest opinion.

          I see that the current top station has around 15k listeners, so as I know the top limit is 32k? Or am I mistaken?


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            not sure where you get the 32k figure from

            I'm guessing the stations you see with 15k are running on more than one (relayed) server, as DJ garybaldy pointed out
            "If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

            So I did


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              Ok thanks for the info