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Is metadata in the stream by default

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  • Is metadata in the stream by default

    I'm at a loggerhead with Wavestreaming and Roku. The issue is metadata in the stream. Wavestreaming says that its there by default and cannot be changed. It is needed to send Artist and Title infom. Roku forum users insist that Shoutcast does not include ICY-metadata unless it's requested.

    Obviously Wavestreaming or Shoutcast is sending the metadata but the question is can they turn it off or send it to the header? Plus will the metadata still show up for each song?

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    the metadata is imbedded in the stream, but the v2 dnas does not send icy- headers when the stream starts. i don't think you can turn off the embedding - it's what makes it a shoutcast -- the metadata interval is the only control you have - by default it's 8192 - ie. the metadata is sent every 8k.
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