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I need some advice on playing .m3u live stream in HTTP or PHP.

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  • I need some advice on playing .m3u live stream in HTTP or PHP.

    Here is a basic idea. I made a site and i want to integrate player in one of the pages so the users can listen to the stream live on the website.
    It will be easier to say what i want and what i have done so far, so here is the list:

    Made a HTML5/PHP Website
    Made a SHOUTcast
    Made a .m3u file for it
    Using my pc as a streaming source and website host
    And im using third party website to send the stream to the clients

    What's left to do:
    I need to find a way to integrate player into my website that can play the stream
    (I dont have any coding experience btw)

    NOTE: If you can point out a player or just give me the whole code it's going to save me alot of time. The player doesnt need to be something special ... i mean play, mute, stop button, vol up, vol down, something like that.

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    Have a quick look at this.
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      I foresee two problems

      1 - most players out in the wild are Adobe Flash based crap that will chew up memory and crash the browser eventually - sure, Flash is all but dead, just nobody has told it. Flash based crap wont work on mobile devices in general
      2 - many (most) browsers can handle mp3 streams thanks to the later DNAS 2 series having support for HTML5 audio - so you're stuck with mp3. May not be an issue for you, I just hate 128kbit MP3 that sounds worse than 64kbit HE-AAC, or even 64kbit Opus. And since ALL browsers seem to support Opus, it would make sense that DNAS would support it too - but then, "make sense" is not something DNAS has done in a long time
      "If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

      So I did


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