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The radio station name is already in use. - No Answer from SHOUTcast.

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  • The radio station name is already in use. - No Answer from SHOUTcast.


    In an attempt to get our authhash to work, I decided to delete the station from my Radio Manager and re-add it.. little did I know how much trouble this was actually going to be!!

    When attempting to add the station back, I get the error saying:

    The radio station name is already in use. Please email [email protected] to resolve this issue. Thank you.

    I have emailed several times, but no response to any emails.

    Anybody got any idea on what I should do?


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    Ok, Thanks to @DJ Egg I got this sorted.

    However, I'm now still getting " Please Register Your Authhash " in my DNAS.

    Any idea what is going wrong?

    Station name is the same as is set in RMO and authhashes both match too.



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      danp25 Answer please, how you solved a problem "The radio station name is already in use"? Did support response the emails?


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        Hello Micke,

        Yes, we act on or respond to 99.9% of emails which require a reaction or response.
        In the case of danp25, it would seem that both our spam filters were a little too aggressive.

        Send an email to the address referred to in both danp25's post and in the error message on the submission form, and we'll take things from there.

        Be sure to include the exact name of the station and the email address of your RMO account,
        plus any other relevant information
        (e.g. whether you want the station to be SCSS or DNAS, and if the latter then the Stream URL, if one exists).

        More info:

        FAQ RMO ==> #5

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