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Unknown encoder type mp3 (2017, MP3 License no longer available)

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  • Unknown encoder type mp3 (2017, MP3 License no longer available)

    Hello All;
    So, I have read that the MP3 license is not longer available for purchase and that it is not needed.
    So, why am I getting the following error?

    msg:[SOURCEANDENDPOINTMANAGER] Unknown encoder type mp3. Ensure you have entered the license key and name fully.
    Any incite on this would be awesome.

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    You mean sc_trans? If yes, the MP3 license is not longer available but you need a license-key to let sc_trans do the job. BTW: sc_trans is not more supported since radionomy's takeover of SHOUTcast from AOL...3 or 4 years ago.


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      Yes, I used the "SHOUTcast 2 Configuration Builder"
      And generated the .bat files and scripts.

      I want to run Shoutcast without the need of Winamp.
      If sc_trans is no longer supported, then what can I use?


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          There is not enough information on the site for windows.
          I found the page.

          And it is going to be a pain.

          I will do some more research, and see what I can find out.
          This is going to be a pain to get this running when I was so close with the other Encoder.


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            Ya for sure. Its based on linux. Switch to a linux-box and you will get on of the best automation software ever. I struggled 4 years with sc_trans on linux (debian). I had coded a whole php-backend for it but after I got more and more problems with sc_trans I decided to try it out and I'm happy with it - since this change all this extra coded shizzle for sc_trans was not more needed. Its not easy at the beginning but with a little practise you will understand how it works.


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              Linux, I mess around with.
              I have it installed as a Virtual Machine on my laptop.
              I only mess with it, when I want to try something out, or want something new to play with.
              (Linux MINT is what I have)

              However, with all that stated. I am a Windows guy.
              I just ordered all the hardware for a new ASUS Server.
              Just got in all the mail notifications for it today. So everything is on its way here.
              It will be a "Windows Server"
              And I am either going to use Shoutcast, or some other type of Media Server to run on that system.
              Linux, in my case, at this stage in the game. Is not an option.
              The only way that I would even consider it, is to run a Virtual Machine on the new server, with Linux running on it.

              But, this is the issue.
              I do not program in PHP, I am a Classic ASP and (VB)
              So, that is what I am going to be using to design the backend with, in order to make this media server, do what I need it to do.
              Which Is:
              To be able to, choose songs from a database.
              Add them to the playlist.
              And then have the list [Refresh] and obtain the new content, without restarting the station (Playlist).

              That is the goal at the moment, plus a lot of other idea's that are floating around in my head.


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                I found a key for the transcoder.
                As it seems that it is not illegal sharing them since it is no longer available.
                So, I actually have the server running now.
                And have a song playing through my headphones right now.
                I tell you, I have not felt this way since I got the "Windows Media Services" running in 2001.
                I just hope that I am able to do what I want to do with this server.


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                  One thing that I am loving so far, is that all changes that I make in the
                  XML and CONFIG and LST files
                  Are having an immediate impact on the encoder, and I do not have to stop and start the server.
                  This I LOVE.
                  I am really enjoying this server so far.


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                    Originally Posted by carrzkiss View Post
                    Linux, I mess around with.
                    I would never use windows as server, linux is much more stable - in my eyes.

                    Originally Posted by carrzkiss View Post
                    And then have the list [Refresh] and obtain the new content, without restarting the station (Playlist).
                    This is not possbile with sc_trans. Each playlist-update needs a restart. Liquidsoap does this jop on the fly. XML and CONFIG and LST files - this is the real bullshit ever. If you do changes on this files - it will only works after a restart. All not more needed with Liquidsoap.


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                      Do you have a better page that can show me how to install and use Liquidsoap with a Windows System?


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                        I have been researching the LiquidSoap all day long.
                        I have downloaded and installed the Cygwin and tried to install LiquidSoap with it, to now success.

                        My question is this.
                        Would you perhaps have all the information that I would need, to successfully install
                        Shoutcast and LiquidSoap
                        Onto a Linux Environment?

                        I was thinking that I could run the Linux Server through a Virtual Box on the Windows Server. As I will have IIS running on the Server for the hosting part.
                        I will just need information on properly installing and setting up the Linux system with Shoutcast and LiquidSoap.