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DNAS Disconnects when ending RDP session to VM

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  • DNAS Disconnects when ending RDP session to VM

    So I have set up my DNAS server on a VM on a remote server and, long story short, if I RDP into it, start up my stream with sc_serv and the DSP plugin for Winamp, then close the RDP session, the stream will end and the VM will essentially suspend.

    I have changed every possible setting in Windows 7 to keep the machine awake and I am not selecting log off when I disconnect my RDP session...but the stream disconnects right after I disconnect my RDP session. When I reconnect, it almost looks like VMWare is logging me out of my session but supposedly isn't.

    Anyone have any idea what might be happening here?

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    Update: SOLVED

    The solution is to have the console keep you logged in.

    Steps to reproduce solution:

    1. Open an elevated command prompt
    2. Determine what sessionID you are currently using by entering "qwinsta"
    3. Enter tscon [SessionID] /dest:console
    4. Your RDP session will end abruptly and your stream will continue to run

    You will then be able to RDP back into the machine when needed.


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      If it happens again switch to TIGHT VNC that leaves the audio where its supposed to be and shouldn't cause any disconnects.

      Its what we were using once upon a time.

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