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  • Shoutcast DNAS sc_trans Question

    I am trying to configure a Shoutcast DNAS to allow the use of a remote AutoDJ application such as Rivendell, iMedia etc. On a remote machine to act as AutoDJ but connecting over a LAN connection. Where it would act as the Shoutcast AutoDJ and play continuously until a live DJ connects. This would operate by fading down the AutoDJ stream and allow the DJ to connect via Shoutcast encoder or other source.
    I can get sc_serv to operate as expected but I cannot get a DJ(s) to connect or interrupt.
    Essentially, there would only be two source (port) connections??? One with low priority(AutoDJ) and One with high priority (LiveDJ). I would also like to have multiple DJ Logins if possible.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. As I have exhausted my resources here.


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    SHOUTcast DNAS is not a source-manager - its a streaming-server, which has only one DJ login for live DJs or Auto-DJ software solutions, which can manage your playlists and live DJs.

    sc_trans is not more suported since the SHOUTcast takeover by radionomy some years ago. sc_trans has a lot of issues and it was never moved out from the beta-status before the support was closed. If you are using Linux, then keep an eye on Liqudisoap.


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      Thanks for the reply!
      To someone who is not an expert on Shoutcast the documentation for sc_trans sounds like it was made to do this job. I do have a Centos machine but after looking into installing Liquidsoap on Centos 6 there are more issues then I can believe. It does appear that it would work for this application, however it requires considerable programming and may need Jack as well.
      Looks like I'm back to square one.


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        sc_trans has been end of life and is no longer supported. it is/was unstable.

        liquidsoap should not be too hard to install.. you can use their PAM installer. if you dont need any of the new features included in the latest release, you can most likely find liquidsoap in your package manager such as apt.

        there are also other tools available on linux to source a shoutcast server but not much that has the built in functionality you desire other than liquidsoap. there are code examples on liquisoaps website for that exact scenario you described.