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Monetary stream stats stopped working?

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  • Monetary stream stats stopped working?

    hi there good winamp/shoutcast peeps...

    i monetized my stream in December and within a few days it started producing stats, and although just starting out, something curious happened on Jan1 - no stats being generated and its 1/4 - just curious - i have not changed anything on my side - Advert:
    where it belongs on 2min ads....
    all worked great in dec2017..

    any help would be most appreciated...

    also - sidenote: old fart streamer here, starte using winamp shoutcast DSP in 1998!!!! I think it was version 0.0000001 lol

    been working great ever since....

    cosmic guy

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    I am having the same issues with mine as well. Monetization back in December but in January 2018 all gone???


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      feel better...

      thanks for the corroboration there's so many players in this "stream" all under Bell Online i suppose, but they can't help me directly with the monetization, its strictly a shoutcast thing...
      well..its out there...

      i will be sure to post anything comes my way of relevance!

      cosmic guy