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Streams not playing in ShoutCast directory player

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  • Streams not playing in ShoutCast directory player


    I have a problem where some but not all of my streams will not play in the directory player returning the following error message. Although the stream title and track information is listed correctly. Worth noting all the links to my streams work in the DNAS in all browsers and players that I've tested and I've updated authhash for all streams with no errors shown.

    "Unable to play the radio station stream."

    One thing that does come to mind, was having to register my streams when I initially upgraded to the latest DNAS. Could that be related? I can't find the link to my account to check it though...

    Please help! Thank you.
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    And I'm seeing the following in the DNAS.

    ERROR [SRC IP] Remote socket closed while waiting for data.


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      Forget it, even if you get it working the YP site is broken. It will play the previous station you clicked on and there is no acknowledgement from developers of this issue (or other issues). I suggest you get listed on TuneIn and iTunes instead.

      I guess there just isn't the money in the project anymore because internet radio is being shunned by new audiences in favour of playlists on spotify/soundcloud etc Personally I am now looking at IceCast since it is open source and has far fewer bugs. It may be bad form to mention an open source competitor here but the ShoutCast development is so run down (apart from monetization innovation) that anything which encourages radio station owners to persist will be good for internet radio in general in the long run (and therefore good for ShoutCast).
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