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  • back up shoutcast server

    I have a radio station on a test environment, and I would like to know if you guys know how can I make a back up like a cluster that if the main server goes down a back up server will take over automatically. Kind of load balance type of thing. thanks in advance

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    a backup only activates if the main server is down (because of no source), and it will serve the backup on the same server host-port, so if the dnas server is really down (as in not running), so will the backup....

    a relay is different in that if the main server is full (no listen slots available), requests to the full server will be redirected to the relay (cluster logic)....

    the dnas can't load balance with any intelligence, but it does provide some fail-over.

    if both of your main servers are relays of a (private) server, you could do some level of load balancing with the links you provide from your site.
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      How is it that you create the dnas fail over or relay for fail-over?