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  • on demand content dna feature

    need hhelp with this have pasted this in my web page
    listen to my song <A HREF="">here</A>

    but not sure what to put in

    i put in my ip - but got invalid resourse

    any can explain i would appreciate it

    Whoooshh Broadcasting

    [email protected]

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    Your IP and port in there is correct. The problem you are facing is caused by not starting the DNAS while in the directory containing the content folder. You are running Windows so the fix is quite simple. You will need to edit the shortcut you are using and in the "Start in:" line put the location of the content directory. So for example a default installation would have the following Start in line "C:\Program Files\SHOUTcast\" (NOTE: the quotes go in there as well). If this is still unclear read this:
    Focus on T1. How do you get the on-demand feature to work?
    I think I managed to cover it pretty good detail in that link but if you still have problems post a reply and we'll see what we can do.