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SHOUTcast and SSL, what to do?

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  • SHOUTcast and SSL, what to do?

    Good evening to everyone,
    I have a question about SHOUTcast and SSL, I have several radio channels in the Centova and Shoutcast pairing. I need to have the audio stream of channels (about 20) over SSL, what can I do? The option of redirection with proxy would cause the channels to lose most of the reporting since only one IP address would appear.

    How can I do? On the features available in the Shoutcast comparison table regarding SSL they say "Personal & Customizable SSL Certificate", therefore it would seem possible.

    If instead I decided to switch with SHOUTcast from the free version (with host on proprietary server) to the 10 euro monthly version, would I have to spend 10 euro monthly for each channel (10 euro for 20 channels / month) or would it be only 10 euro monthly and that's it? Thanks a lot!

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    You can use a php proxy to your players...