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Trouble formatting voice files to play

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  • Trouble formatting voice files to play

    Hey everyone...
    This is my issue. I have an HP laptop with Windows 10. I am using Shoutcast/Winamp to play audio files and voice files on an internet radio station.
    I use Audacity to record and reformat the voice files to play over the station. On my old laptop, everything worked fine and I didn't have to mess with the settings.
    On the HP, something is screwy, and they play choppy over the player. So, I have to send them to another DJ to fix them.
    This is leaving me at the mercy of the other DJ. She won't tell me what bitrate setting I need to be at to make it work on the station and I am beyond frustrated.
    I have tried to ask this question in an Audacity forum but had no luck.
    Thanks everyone!


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    I use audacity and have never seen this problem before using Winamp/SHOUTcast. How are you saving the files? Do you you export the files or just save the project file? If you export, what format are you exporting into?
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