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Need help getting MP3 Key for Centova Cast

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  • Need help getting MP3 Key for Centova Cast

    To obtain the license key you need to go to the following page which will takes you to a secure page for purchasing the MP3 encoding license key:

    Moved Servers
    Listing Status: Stream is currently up but is waiting on a Directory response.
    Stream Status: Stream is up (HE-AAC @ 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz) with 0 of 10 listeners
    Stream Name: Atchison Radio
    Stream Genre(s): Unspecified
    Stream Website:

    ERROR: This stream is configured but has no source connected.

    Is there a work a round for no key - No support from Centova

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    your link isn't a centova link
    if you buy anything from them , they should provide you with the key.
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      In Centova Cast, There's a link for ShoutCast v2.x Under the AutoDJ tab that leads to the Shoutcast Wiki for MP3 licenses. This should be removed as it is NOT possible to buy MP3 license keys anymore. Centova dumped support for it a number of years back.

      This is what you find when you look up mp3 keys via Centova and multiple times.
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