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The Indie Blend won't play on Shoutcast Directory

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  • The Indie Blend won't play on Shoutcast Directory

    Hi -- I know this has been a problem for those of us who are broadcasting via the Shoutcast for Business & Monetization platform -- Your stream will play anywhere but on the actual Shoutcast Directory of stations. For The Indie Blend, it seems it is only an incorrect stream URL that is in the system (see attached screen shot from my phone). the error message literally tells you to change the stream URL. The one the message shows is totally incorrect -- hence it will not play. If this is because I am in the US and you can't fix the stream, please let me (all of us) know, thanks

    I have been trying to get this fixed, as I think it will improve my listener numbers.


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    Still hoping for any detail on why my Shoutcast For Business station will not play on the Shoutcast Directory itself. The title and artist will sometimes pop up, but no audio and I always get the error message that the streaming URL is incorrect...and indeed it is.

    Hoping anyone over there can help?