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  • New station htttps error

    my radio is an azuracast installation on a VPS. Everything works fine under http and even shows my station but because the azuracast+shoutcast 2.6.1 sends my raw server ip (https://123.45.67:8000/radio.mp3) as the stream url, when I download the pls from I have to change https to http in a notepad and only then it works. Now:
    1. Is it posible to use the domain where the azuracast server is already installed ( instead of the raw server ip and send that to
    2. If not, what can I for the people who listen from (is only the https part)

    Extra info:
    1. I can't change the "stream URL" on
    2. I have a legacy v1 authhash but DNAS 2.6.1 greys out the save button when using one (even tho the changelog says you can use v1 authhash, gotta update that)
    3. I know using DNAS 2.5.5+v1 authhash will give me full control but the name of my station is different and you can't change that at, only create new stations with v2+ authhash

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    nevermind I did it, at "Shoutcast Server Configuration (New Advanced Features)" says to add:

    to the sc_serv.conf, and edit the "streampath=" with "radio/2468/radio.mp3". Now directory shows:

    instead of my ip address, but I added even more:

    just because. Anyways it works. The part of the "sslcertificatekeyfile=" azuracast did it already so it was just as easy as adding destip, publicip and modifying the streampath (I will open an issue on their github for them to add buttons to do this on azuracast because their "advanced" php did not do anything)

    Now I have another question: is a long and repetitive url and azuracast's Advanced-URL Mountpoint is not working for me (I get no errors but I can't hear anything when adding anything there). How can I change it to something like or ??