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Next Track title not showing now on the server

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  • Next Track title not showing now on the server

    Greetings, when I first started streaming to my SHOUTcast server, it was showing both the current track and the next track that would be next. Now it's only showing the current track, and not the next track that's up next. Is there anything I should do to fix that? Restart the stream? or restart the server? or both?

    Shoutcast Server v2.6.1.777/win64 & SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.3.5 [Build 222] on WinAmp v5.623 (x86). Source: v1

    Thank you.

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    Connect using "Automatic mode" doesn't prefer "v.2x mode"

    It seems that connecting using the "automatic mode" doesn't always put the stream in the "v.2 mode", but rather "v.1" which only shows the current track, and not the next track also. ... No responses yet... the blokes at SHOUTcast support don't answer any questions from anyone without a paid subscription, even though they actually reply back... eventually.

    When I reconnected the stream earlier today with the automatic mode, I had noticed that the stream was in v.2 mode... but then later it was back to v.1, even though I hadn't stopped the stream. Although I have "Automatic reconnection on failure" enabled, so not sure if it had stopped momentarily, and then connected again in v.1x mode. So now I reconnected using the "v2.x mode".

    Also it took me a little while to figure out that the Server Address on the SHOUTcast Source DSP wasn't supposed to have the "http://" ... the connection kept failing... didn't see any mention of that when I searched on DuckDuckGo dot com for information ... It'd be great if there could be some support articles written, like the blokes at Discord have done.

    Thank you.