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Error AAC+ autodj Centova Cast

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  • Error AAC+ autodj Centova Cast

    My question is the following, if someone can help me.
    I have contracted a streaming service with Centova Cast V3 ShoutcastV2 control panel and I have a problem with the Auto Dj. I upload the music in AAC+ format to the media library without any inconvenience but when I start the server the music does not play, in the general tab where it shows the recent songs the musical themes pass without playing, all played in the same second, as if each theme had a total time of 0 seconds... and it does so constantly.
    In the media library each theme is shown correctly with its duration time but in the automatic reproduction of the Autodj they pass one after another very quickly and without reproducing. As if the panel does not support that format and ignores them. If it's any help, the audio format it shows in the panel once they're loaded is "audio/x-aac".
    Another thing... when I want to listen to the broadcast from the link provided by shoutcast it gives me this error:
    Error: Media URL could not be loaded. Check media URL is valid.
    Please someone help me with this.

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    ask your streamhost if they can check if the files are on their server and why it doesn't work.
    it's part of their service to help you out when you pay for a streamhost.
    latest version of Winamp
    DSP Plug V2.41
    Language Packs