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Shoutcast stream stop playing after some time

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  • Shoutcast stream stop playing after some time

    Dear Shoutcast fellows!

    We use your Software to stream our Latvian Christian Radio for many years - thank you!

    We host at our server the version on Linux Ubuntu

    But listeners complains, that they can hear the stream for 10 - 15 minutes, then it stops and they shall re-load/re-launch the stream to continue (for next 10 - 15 minutes).
    Today I got the complaint from the person that she has the stream less than 1 minute on different platforms - PC, TV, telephone.

    Can you suggest anything?
    Thank you in advance!

    The config is below:

    ; (i.e. localhost / though if this is left out
    ; or set to publicserver=always then we attempt to make a
    ; connection to the YP for listing - do not forget to add
    ; in a 'streamauthhash' value for any public streams made

    ; if you're wanting to use a different port to use for any
    ; connections then you can use this option e.g. to use 80
    ; otherwise port 8000 is used as the default to listen on.

    ; password used by sc_trans or the Winamp dsp plug-in
    ; NOTE: remember to change this to something else

    ; password used for accessing the administation pages
    ; NOTE: remember to change this to something else

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    Your configuration looks a little brief. Is that really all you have for configuration?

    I'm wondering if you set something like:

    listenertime : Specify the maximum time in minutes a listener can listen to the stream [Default = 0]
    Also, can you check the logs and see if the source is being disconnected?

    autodumpusers : Enable to allow the server to disconnect listeners if the source disconnects [Default = 0]
    Reference: Manual Server 2.5.5