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Shoutcast station not playing on App

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  • Shoutcast station not playing on App

    Hi everyone, I am looking to host a radio station on a mobile app called Highrise, which has shoutcast directory integrated into their rooms (like habbo, secondlife, etc.)

    I am using winamp and shoutcast, and connecting my station through the DSP plugin, but in the game there is no audio. In the attached image you can see from my "shoutcast server summary" my radio is online and playing music, but no audio is heard through the app itself. I know I'm atleast in the right direction, because in the app itself my station pops up from the shoutcast directory.
    Setting up an online radio in 2023 has been the most mind boggling thing to look through forums from the year 2000. I would love any advice or help I can get.

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    since your station gives audio when listening to it with a player but doesn't work in
    some app

    turn to the helpdesk of the app, the shoutcast part works
    latest version of Winamp
    DSP Plug V2.41
    Language Packs