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    Originally Posted by s4sebin View Post
    When I visit the shoutcast interface from radio list, I can see that a notification says "New DNA S version available Please update asap ". There is a login link there but I cannot login with Cpanel credentials / radio credentials but nothing works
    This is an information page on the Shoutcast server that is telling you what version of Shoutcast you are running and the version of the latest software available.

    Shoutcast has a public download link you can try: Shoutcast Tools. I do not know if the Tools downloads are current. I downloaded the latest server application directly from my account. I believe you can setup an account with no hosting or other services for free.

    Once you have the current server software you will need to install it on your server. I am guessing that you cannot do this and it will require your hosting company to help. If you do operate your own server, the upgrade is a simple swap. Very easy to do.