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  • can't unban

    I've been running a Shoutcast station for a couple of years now, but I only just tried the 'ban' feature. I wanted to temporarily ban a couple of listeners, but now I can't unban them. The 'unban' link on the ban list page doesn't work reliably. Strangely, I was able to reinstate one of the three IP's I banned, but clicking unban on the other two had no effect. I tried banning and unbanning the successful IP again, to see if it was a fluke, and it worked again. So it seems that some IP's are unbannable (is that a word? ), and others are not... Anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know the algorithm that converts an IP into the magic number in the unban URL? I'm using v1.8.3 for Linux.


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    I think that information is stored in a text formated file in the shoultcast directory. If so you should be able to do the job with a text editor.


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      You're probably right... unfortunately the server is offsite (I use Streamguys' service), so I'd have to ask them to erase or edit the file every time I wanted to unban someone...


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        Ongoing Issue - Unban Unreliable

        I am being plauged by this same issue.

        I am hoping that by mentioning it now,
        someone in the know might address it,
        as it is a -HUGE- inconvenience to have
        to write to those maintaining a remote
        server to manually dump the ban file.

        I experience the same situation. Some IP's
        unban, while others do not, and some do, and
        then do not, a little while later, which I
        suggest would tend to indicate an actual code
        anomaly in the server.

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          Known SHOUTcast Bugs: Status and Workarounds

          This issue is already documented and fixed in the next release.