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  • NSV for Linux

    I just finished writing a tool that will source your SHOUTcast server with NSV content from a Linux box, hopefully it works on all linux distributions.

    It was written and compiled on Redhat 7.3 with the latest patches.

    Let me know if you get it working on other linux flavors. or if not. I will do my best to get it working on all POSIX environments.

    Project Page:

    Features Include:
    • Autoreconnect if the server disappears, the source application waits 30 seconds
      before attempting to reconnect.
    • Screen and File logging, so you know what's going on with sc_nsv
    • RealTime Display of Outgoing bitrate, NSV Video and Audio Formats as well as
      fps and title of current video
    • PLO playlist format, designed by Jay Krivanek of Radio toolbox an object
      based playlisting system allowing you to structure content on a clock wheel.
    • Basic playlist file system as an alternative if you want to do all the work
    • PLO playlist format includes features like #reload #shuffle which tell
      sc_nsv when the proper times to shuffle and reload are and based off of
      which list you would like the action to occur
    • TRUE shuffle logic based off of Hardware CD Player style which plays items
      off of playlist in a random order as opposed to just randomly picking items
      from a list which is NOT technically shuffling hint hint
    • PLO supports a virtually unlimited amount of playlist objects.
      For more information about PLO read the Playlist section of this document.
    • Reading of the TITLE tag of NSV headers, this will be displayed to your
      users in through meta data titling, you can also use URL to specify a url
      to be sent to your users. MAKE SURE THAT TITLE IS CAPITALIZED Title or title
      will not be understood, if TITLE is not found the file's name is passed.
    • Dynamic Subtitles with profiles and scripting. Read README for more information on the scripting.

    Known issues:
    • Supports framerates which are whole numbers only, this will probably be fixed
      soon, so you fractional framerate lot may not get much use out of this tool.
    Last edited by Jay; 2 December 2003, 08:44.
    -Jay | Radio

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    Whar a nice job!!!

    If you cannot unzip it, rename it.
    It seems not a tar.gz file, but just tar one.


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      Originally posted by shingiru

      If you cannot unzip it, rename it.
      It seems not a tar.gz file, but just tar one.
      Do'h thanks for that.
      -Jay | Radio


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        Once you get the bugs worked out, you should submit this to knoppix or dynbolic. Both are live boot linux cd's. You just pop the cd into your player and boot into linux. Both are GNU and Free as well.
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          - time heals but i'm forever broken


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            great to see it working

            I have set up a project page at I would have edited my original post but it won't let me, guess it's been up too long.

            I am also making some strides on the syncing issue thanks to some not so subtle hints in the CURRENT nsvscsrc
            -Jay | Radio


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              Once this application is optimized, are there any plans for making encode software for live capture ?
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                not sure, I am working in a shell environment only right now, so I really don't have access to the hardware to code for that.

                For now my priorities are to fix the current bugs in sc_nsv and refine my NSVReader classes to allow very extensive control over the NSV output and File and porting to BSD, and any other environment that it won't already run in, (especially targetting systems that SHOUTcast DNAS can run in with the exception of Windows for now. And apply support for dynamic subtitles thanks to shingiru for some insight into how I might be able to go about that.

                I also already have in the works some fixes for the playlist management capabilities one with which a #shuffle <int> and #relaod can be called in the same object.
                -Jay | Radio


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                  You know what would really kick is a version of this written in Java. Just load the Java runtime and fire away. Would be available to any O/S that is capable of running JRE.

                  Oh the possibilities
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                    hmm yea I got the java compiler on my windows box, needed it for a class, I guess once I get this thing debugged I look at possibly coding for java as well, just to make sure everyone is covered
                    -Jay | Radio


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                      Most Excellent
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                        w00t nice job KXRM! I would kiss you but i just dont groove like that haha

                        Ill let u know if i get any issues on SuSE 9
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                          yes please, this is my first effort to actually distribute linux binaries so, any issues on any system that is linux based and can handle glib6 images should be reported
                          -Jay | Radio


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                            Yea nice Job i need a FreeBSD version tho so i can stream from server->to server thx so far


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                              well I found that it works if you have linux emulation enabled, at least the static build I have currently does, not sure about the one on the project page. I will release it in a little bit. The sync issues are fixed, and it worked in FreeBSD. A temp solution until I port it
                              -Jay | Radio