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Any way to seamlessly switch between preencoded and live video?

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  • Any way to seamlessly switch between preencoded and live video?

    I want to do stuff sorta like a tv station, and be able to switch from preencoded video to live and back and forth and shit. Is anything like that possible?

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    you could try using camtasia but I have not tried this myself. There are no official tools for doing this.
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      thats what i was thinking i'll need to think of some way to haxor the input from a webcam or something so i can stick video ontop so i can switch to stuff


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        set up a batch files which goes something like:


        nsvenc cap:0,0 sc:<SERVERIP>:PORT:headers.txt

        nsvenc cap:1,1 sc:<SERVERIP>:PORT:headers.txt

        goto TOP

        where cap:0,0 is your live source and cap:1,1 is your pre-recorded source (camtasia?)

        then, in the command window when the file is running, all yuo have to do is hit ESC to switch between the two. (and use CTRL-BREAK to stop it altogether).

        Also, one of the lines could be a different prog (nsvscsrc ?) for nsv file streaming.. etc etc..




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          nsvenc and streaming with batch files is generally not a good thing, I have found that in transition some clients are locked out of the rest of the stream and must restart it.
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            yeah thats what i was worried about. Given i havent searched for more than 5 seconds for the source, but is the source for the NSV tools and stuff available? I could attempt to ghetto-rig a stream switching app.


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                  This is a early NSV encoder / streamer application written in dephi. ( Open source / GNU }

                  This might can help you with your video switch application.

                  A bit buggy on Windows 2000 and above. Works on Win98 SE.

                  LiveChunk - 07-Feb-2004 07:55 2.5M

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                    What about, editing the shoutcast server to correctly relay NSV, run it as a local host relaying to your main server, and then just connect and disconect the live and preencoded sources to the local host , using it as a buffer to the main server. Does NSV react appropriatly to reconecting sources? Hmm, I guess, if it could you wouldnt need a buffer relay. oh well I'll shut up now, but it seems that could be an area to explore.


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                      no, this will cause similar problems as the batch file trick.
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                        There is a video DJ on Ranttv DJ Pulse who does a live show on the weekends. He is able to switch between a live camera and video files. He is also to switch between different cameras.

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                          sounds like hardware


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                            If your running usb web cams, you can use a simple usb switch to go from camera 1 to 2 etc.

                            I suppose you could use some thing like camtasia to go from live to encoded files.
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                              I have the answer for you.. this will also let all of you asking howto stream mpg, avi, without pre encoding it.
                              The bonus?
                              Its Free.

                     (preview seemed to work fine, but filter error on capture. Might work.)

                     this one works and captures for me, and evenen animated watersmarks. thought he gui seems a little bubbly. It works for me thou.

                              Might ad more as i find them, try google for "virtual capture device"

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