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Known ways to get your broadcast banned from the Media Library Listing.

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  • Known ways to get your broadcast banned from the Media Library Listing.

    In order to keep you guys from pm'ing me about every ban. The following are known ways to get your broadcast banned from the Media Library listing and any other or listing.

    Note: Nullsoft Inc. reserves the right to editorial control of the directory. This means that you can be banned for any reason Nullsoft sees fit, however this is just a collection of noted and for sure ways.

    1. Falsifying information about your server. This includes using description, bitrate, genre or listener counts that do not reflect the actual content or listener count.

    2. Use of unofficial server software. SHOUTcast DNAS is currently the only server software allowed to list in the directory.

    3. Any software which attempts to abuse or mangle listings.

    4. Copyright complaints. If you broadcast copyrighted content and someone complains about it through official channels, your stream can be banned.

    5. Use of the hTtP URL trick to force open the Now Playing or Mini-Browser window is now strictly prohibited from the Media Library and YP lists. Any use either by URL or Instream URLs will be cause for a ban.

    6. Lack of content, promotional only streams, this usually applies to those who run porn streams. Do not use the mini-browser or the Internet TV list purely to advertise your porn site, or to generate affiliate traffic. Try to have more then 30 mins of content on your stream and do not heavily advertise during the stream. If you are testing a server, do not use porn ads to do so, use benign content such as video of yourself doing karaoke or just make your server private until it is ready for the general public.

    7. Excessively full stations which are mis-configured for the type of connection they reside can also be banned. Generally this causes users to connect and never get any content because the server is consuming way too much bandwidth at the server end.

    This list will be ammended as neccessary to keep up with the changing standards of Nullsoft. Please note, if you have been banned, it will be to your entire subnet, and it will be permanent. Being banned doesn't mean you cannot use the SHOUTcast server or NSV, you may continue to do so and your server will work perfectly fine. It just will no longer be listed in the SHOUTcast yp or Media Library.

    It should also be restated that this list is not the definitive list, you can be banned for any reason Nullsoft so desires.

    Also please review the terms of service for the shoutcast directory
    -Jay | Radio

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    oh yeah, and i've given the powers that be editorial control to essentially ban anything that pisses them off, within reason. keep in mind that these bans aren't lifted. once you've committed the offense, you're out. that's it. sayanora. don't bother asking us to fix it -- you didn't read the rules.