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DNAS, YP, Clustering and Steamcast

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  • DNAS, YP, Clustering and Steamcast

    Guys.. I know that dnas does clustering by ways of using yp.. :

    service full, redirecting to backup

    Seems when 2 dnas servers touch yp, if the second is relaying from the first, they get clusterd so when the first is full, new users get sent to the second one.

    This is done thru dnas or yp?

    I was wondering because I have 2 steamcast servers confiure also and they did touch yp, but seems that after a while they are not acting the same as the 1 and 2nd dnas servers.. no clustering and no traffic been sent to them.

    Is clustering only available if you run dnas and touch yp?

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    Steamcast does not yet support clustering on SHOUTcast's YP.

    For further questions on steamcast use the forums at as this is not a nullsoft product and should not be supported by nullsoft's forum.
    -Jay | Radio