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Creating NSV files

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  • Creating NSV files

    First off ive read the majority of links in the instructions to nsv thread.

    Im trying to encode an mpeg to nsv. Im using flaskMPEG which i installed with NSV tools. Im playing the output file in winamp to see the quality, but im lucky if it comes out even playing sound. Is this the only tool to encode nsv?

    Im wanting to put up a test server on my PC, but the instructions on how to do it aren't what i would call specific for people not invovled in video encoding. All this seems like it was setup to discourage new people from even attempting to up a video server. Is there more detailed instructions posted somewheres eles. I mean, from the point of view of a new guy, this shouldn't take me days to figure out.

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    You need to make sure that the initial video you are encoding can be properly transcoded. I would suggest installing FFDshow. ( This will allow WMV, DIVX, XVID and WMV files to be properly processed while being encoded into NSV. )

    You can grab it here :

    There are 2 other encoders that you can use.

    and kens

    You can also read through for more information on configuring the VP3 / VP6 video codec for encoding.
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      No sound means probably you don't have the a52 codec installed. Get it here, I wouldn't install ffdshow, because unless you disable video thumbnails in the system registry, opening a folder with video files in it will crash explorer.

      At least that has been my experience with XP.

      In practice, I have found it to be better to convert to avi, and then convert those to NSV. Audio sync problems are very common, even with the most optimal settings I could figure out when encoding from mpeg2. Plus the scaler in nsvenc is so slow it's pitiful (no mmx or sse code I think).


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        Sound was all i was getting. I was lucky though if i could even get sound. The sound that was coming out of winamp was skipping ever few seconds. That NSV encoder isn't putting out a file. It says its encoding and it doesn't make any files. All the settings look good its just not doing its job.

        Thank you guys, ill be trying this tonight. It would be handy if there was a FAQ on the encoding and serving process behind NSV streaming. It would really help to get this type of medium out there.

        I mean. since winamp is competing with other online media services like youtube and itunes.
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          Whats the specs of the computer that you are using to encode the video with ?

          You need to have a fairly decent system to encode video with.

          I have had no problems with FFDShow, However I dont use XP either.
          If I have to use Windows - I use W2K.
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            Are these good enough?


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              Those specs are good.

              I thought you might have had a low end system trying to transcode the video with.

              You also need to set the encoding as a priority task and not as a background task.
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