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Any known HD with NSV?

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  • Any known HD with NSV?

    Just wondering if anyone has seen any HD content either streaming using SC or just in general with NSV?

    If you have seen anything, post a link or something.

    Also, would VP6 or h264 be better for HD content encoding?
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    Also, sort of off topic here, is there any know codec that works right out of the box for all OS's?
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        and the HD?
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          There was a NSV station that did that about 2 years ago. It was a Bjork music video channel.

          The station streamed their video around 1 megabyte. The video quality was excellent.
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            did they stream music like Jazz and stuff because that is the only stream that I remember.
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              bjork tv!
              music by bjork

              1 mb/s
              720x480 dvd or somthing like that size.


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                HD = just big resolution, the only one codec which everywhere supported "out of the box" and is light at decoding MPEG1.


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                  Anyone willing to give this a shot? I don't think it would be possible to stream HD but we could try using vp6, vp3, and h264 to see which one does the best.
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                    EDTV (dvd 720x480) resolution still takes a couple of megabits, no matter what you use for a codec. I did a 1000kbps stream for a while, and it was pretty good at 640x480, but not accurately rendered.

                    Heres my guestimation formula for figuring out what bitrate looks pretty:


                    By that estimate, encoding at EDTV would take 3500 kbps for an accurate rendering with MPEG4. That's about right, because MPEG2 takes about 8000.

                    You could probably shave those numbers down 20% by using VP6 or h264, but there are no codec miracles. H264 is so slow, that you'll never get real time encoding at these rez either.

                    ON2 claims that you can encode in DVD quality at a megabit. Nope.
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                      I've encoded at near DVD quality once with vp6 at about 800k bitrate, this is what is encouraging me to try HD
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                        Originally posted by yeshuawatso
                        I've encoded at near DVD quality once with vp6 at about 800k bitrate, this is what is encouraging me to try HD
                        Near?. Not very near. Not to say it wouldn't look halfway decent, but it's hardly DVD quality.


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                          Look for the FAZZ music. Or search the forums for "nsv reviews", I did a review on the stream once, very nice looking.

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                            Heres some tests of some particularly acid test video. You'll notice at 2000kbps, these recordings are certainly not perfect. I actually think the mpeg4 looks a little better.


                            I could actually stream this fast off my dedicated servers.

                            Another thing to notice is that with a 3800 Athlon 64 X2, x264 processed the video at 15 fps. The mpeg4 processed at 90 fps. It's clear that there is no way that x264 could handle real time encoding at this resolution with any machine I ever saw.

                            Like I said at a couple of megabits, it's pretty close to DVD quality. Theora basically is mpeg4.... a little slower and a little less quality.


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                              The h264 decodes too slow on my G3 iBook, but from what I've seen, it handles the transitions better than the mpeg4. The mpeg4 however does a lot better at general video. I was able to scan to any point in the h264 video and see the video very pixelated. I wasn't able to do the same action with the mpeg4. If I had to choose, the mpeg4 would be my pic simply because the video quality is extremely better in a lot of places when compared to the h264.

                              Take a look at this video that I encoded with vp6 single pass. What is your judgement?

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