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Images, cut and mirrored for tiling and stretching

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  • Images, cut and mirrored for tiling and stretching

    I had made 2 cuts from a basic, at first from a downloaded photo by another musician in Ireland, and now from one of my own photos. I had mirrored them horizontal and vertical and I had made panarama-images, which are mirrored to all 4 canvas and to all 4 corners. Both basics are with green leaves, and also my own leaves were a little bit on the ground.

    I recommend that only with leaves, but maybe it will work also with grasses and with stones. And I think, that the downloaded .jpg-file from the Old SoundCloud (non-square) had been created with Mandelbulber. This one image had brought me to these ideas.

    I can imagine them as textures for the Milkdrop Visualizer and as wallpapers for cPro - KAO.

    At least I can leave the results from my own basic, and I think, this subforum is the right place...
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