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  • well, while not the story of my entire teenagehood (as it's not over yet) it was the story of a couple months of my life. It wasn't fun.

    i have a hard time reading the thing sometimes, it's just.... it's just really bitter, and i don't like remembering it.

    I like yours by the way , though i'm glad i've never experianced anything like it.

    PhotoFx -[=]-"Visual forms are not inherent in themselves, but are granted by the act of seeing..." -Trevor Goodchild


    • Hey Fx which one did you read?
      I wrote like several posts before.

      here is today's last post.
      Will be missing in action for the next 4 days.
      Keep the poems coming in.

      : Another view to life
      It is what you want to see
      that makes you what you are
      the hurt that hurts so much
      comes from you and not from others

      The angels try to teach
      and you ignore it without hesitation
      even when the truth is staring into your eye
      nothing ever registers because you choose not to
      The words meaning nothing to you
      and you kept asking why

      When will all this end
      where will it all lead to
      maybe nowhere
      or maybe just too far away to see
      I don't know
      and I don't have the answers
      you will have to bare with it
      and go on living

      If your life becomes too much pain
      You either change and start from the begining
      or stay the same and pray for an ending
      either way life goes on
      and the angels will still sing
      listen or not
      all yours to decide
      at the very end
      we are just star dusts
      waiting for our chance to do it all again
      And maybe do it right this time in
      Good night people.
      Sometimes it is just being me that counts
      By: izchan


      • you guys can call me Alan if you want, but otherwhise whatever..

        i'm not sure which i was talking about, i think it was Emily. yeah, it was.
        PhotoFx -[=]-"Visual forms are not inherent in themselves, but are granted by the act of seeing..." -Trevor Goodchild


        • About Fog

          Fog was written in a time when I was very confused about life in general and just didn't know the first step to take in dealing with it - I felt like my thoughts were racing so fast they were attacking me, and everything was so overwhelming. That's what it was inspired from. It was written in last November, I believe?
          Here's another

          One More

          Hey man,
          gimme just a one more drink
          said the sorrow filled consumer to his
          money-grubbing bartender
          and the yellow liquid sloshed out
          of the mug as it slid across the
          oak bar
          tequila bleeding onto the floor, feeding
          its own anger
          as the man slurps just one
          one more
          one more drop
          and turns to the lady next to him
          to ask for one more try
          just one more try, oh please!
          Her cold eyes turn upon him fiercely
          her heart having faded from his gaze
          but turning away they brim and storm
          the saltwater falling away
          Broken-hearted she shifts a five
          to the lonely blues singer,
          Play a good one, will ya? Play one for
          the good old days...
          and the music flows from her fingers
          her mouth
          pouring as molasses to the saddened
          tired eyes and ears
          of all in attendance.
          She smiles briefly to each clink in her hat
          but silently thinking the good old days
          were never good
          and tomorrow ain't got no promise neither.
          Taking her break to make small chit chat
          with the money grubber she is told in her exhaustion
          with everything in life
          Just one more set, please, oh just ONE more set
          to keep these folks alive and buying...
          and glaringly heads back, as the bartender slides
          into the back room with his needles and dependence
          to shoot up
          Just one more time, just once more, and then I'll quit
          I SWEAR
          he mutters to himself
          and slips back out to serve the sorrow filled man
          at the bar who finished his sorrow filled tequila
          Just one more, man, for the road, oh please...
          Just one more...


          • Hmmmm

            Hey gang.... Here's one for the road.

            <you make me feel>

            I run my hand against linen
            smoothing it against skin
            I feel in this moment, sensual
            my breath draws deep, languid
            movement slows, I appreciate
            this moment, I feel sensual


            as u can see i'm in one of them moods again. :P


            • wow, i like all three on this page.

              xara, you really do strike deep. And i remember that one .

              And here's another of mine, it's one that i wrote to ask a girl both out and to prom, and it worked (not like there was much doubt (i don't play bad chances)), and i saw her again tonight, and didn't want to leave, so this is for me to remebmer her.

              Sonnet, iambic pentamter, abab,cdcd,efe,geg.

              When sleepy gray meets newly opened eyes
              And veils tear and fall from untamed thought,
              Then noble hearts are shown and stripped from lies
              And bridges strong from bridges weak are bought.
              How claustrophobic skies I beckon 'round
              To give myself a space in which to breathe
              Catch such unlucky fowl within the sound
              That echoes round my cautious failing creed
              I do not know, but move with them in mind,
              For often times they reach behind a phrase
              To tie and mend and brittle strands unwind.
              Her heart is kind, but what she finds in me
              I do not know. I only see in her the mind,
              The kindness, love and strength I want to be.
              ah how i love the girl
              PhotoFx -[=]-"Visual forms are not inherent in themselves, but are granted by the act of seeing..." -Trevor Goodchild


              • Heart Break

                Love is what I was in
                I longed for so much more
                Will I ever see her again
                Now that she's shut the door

                You said that we should be friends
                but that was total bull
                I've been played yet again
                like some sort of fool

                I can face the day no longer
                No reason left to live
                My heart had fallen for her
                Now I've no compassion left to give

                Now that it's over I realize
                That it was just a waste
                Burning tears from my eyes
                have left a bitter taste

                This is the saddest poem I have written, but poetry is a good, healthy way to let out your emotions.
                Bound by chain of dwarven magic, A tale of trickery, long and tragic,
                Sword in jaw, awaiting the day, Ragnarok, when all gods shall pay

                Jesus-half brother.


                • Expanses

                  This is one I wrote probably close to 6 years ago! It never had a title then, and I wouldn't know what to name it now.

                  I stare across the
                  cold expanses of my dreams
                  to you
                  this candle seems like phony ambiance
                  the flame flickers under hot breath
                  only anxious nervousness
                  no passion lingers here
                  'cept maybe for me
                  inside yearning for a hand to hold
                  wanting to candles red glow to turn real
                  to fill this sore hole inside with laughter
                  the tablecloth rubs my legs as i glance at you
                  but you're not even really there in sense
                  i feel you there
                  feel truth
                  long to reach out and hold your hand
                  for you to guide my pained heart
                  for my face to remember
                  how to smile


                  • it's a good thing, huh i'm sure i would have gone insane by now if i wasn't able to rant in words. Though sometimes i'm not sure if it actually makes me feel better, but it does at least probably get out the tension.

                    [edit] just saw the new one man, if i'd been able to write like that then... what i could do now... [/edit]
                    PhotoFx -[=]-"Visual forms are not inherent in themselves, but are granted by the act of seeing..." -Trevor Goodchild


                    • Snow

                      snow lightly drifts in from afar
                      whispering to the evergreens
                      their white parka is coming.
                      swirling quietly in the hovering clouds
                      tied in the tension in the air
                      then, gradually, alleviating such stress
                      from the sky
                      to the ground
                      crying white tears
                      cheering white cheers
                      with white words gently drifting their
                      silent exclamations
                      to the heaving ground.
                      It sighs with relief at the first flake's landing
                      feeling the moisture seek throgh
                      singing it a lullabye
                      as the forest sinks into hibernation
                      a mere week before the onset of spring.
                      Fall, ice princesses,
                      in your silent reverie
                      send us to our peaceful wonderland
                      in pure beauty
                      one more time.


                      • Here's another one of mine...

                        I’m not willing to believe

                        Stars above our head
                        Tell the story
                        That I’m not willing to believe

                        The dark night whispers in my ear
                        Tells the story
                        That I’m not willing to believe

                        Your eyes look into my soul
                        Telling the story
                        That I’m not willing to believe

                        The world keeps moving on
                        Telling that life goes on
                        But I’m not willing to believe


                        • My "bitterest" poem. It's old and a little raw, but the girl hurt me badly:

                          A Cold Farewell

                          Underline me with your feelings of hope lost and desire harnessed
                          Highlight the fears that make you beg for control and die of envy
                          Crossing the street, cheap perfume and ashes in your wake
                          You take the time to look both ways as you're hammered from above

                          And on your knees, you look to him to bring sense into your life
                          But he only drains all courage from your soul
                          Spits as you swallow, looks down at you and gently sneers

                          Lost, you find me wasting away and ask for my shoulder, my ear
                          Anything to share in the shame festering inside of you

                          But darling, don't you know that demons cannot be pawned off to the lowest bidder?
                          They are yours to keep, to cherish, and as you reach out, drowning,
                          I calmly smile and walk away...


                          • Under the Rug

                            Do you remember like I do?
                            Sitting in that chair
                            We were together
                            Breathing in unison
                            Our minds: one likeness
                            Contented hearts -
                            But only mine; not yours
                            I saw it, clear as ever
                            That day
                            Your heavy luggage left scratches on the floor
                            They're still there
                            An obscure reminder under the patterned rug
                            The covering hides the scars
                            But they do not disappear

                            Do you remember?
                            Because I do.


                            • Here's one that came to me right before I fell asleep last night.

                              Moving On

                              My pain is causing my anger to rise
                              Like the tumultous waves of the sea.
                              On the cold floor my heart is where my heart lies,
                              Because of the things youve done to me.

                              My grief and sadness are all that have been left by you.
                              Youve taken all of my gladness and joy.
                              Your felling towards me seemed genuine and true,
                              But you used me and threw me away like a broken toy.

                              Why do you do these things that cause such agony.
                              Youve hurt everyone that you have been near.
                              I cant understand why this makes you happy,
                              You are the only one that I had held dear.

                              I hope you will find someone that can meet your goal.
                              Now I must move on to someone who can forgive,
                              One that can complete me in body and soul.
                              I must go forward and continue the life I will live.
                              Bound by chain of dwarven magic, A tale of trickery, long and tragic,
                              Sword in jaw, awaiting the day, Ragnarok, when all gods shall pay

                              Jesus-half brother.
                              WHERES MY FREE DIGITAL ASSHOLE?!


                              • how sad

                                Ian that was beautiful! sigh