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  • Raven ... I have seen Karma so well written ... ...

    : Blind fool
    Dust in the eye
    like fire burning
    caused me to loose sight
    as the mistake was just the begining
    flapping around like a damm fool
    I tumbled and kicked
    causing more harm
    than all the good I wanted to do
    such stupidity, ignorance and vanity
    what I needed was to stop
    slow down and be calm
    to use what I have
    rather than dwell on my lost
    I would have heard the voices
    asking me if I needed their help

    Inspired by my own vanity ...

    Sometimes it is just being me that counts
    By: izchan


    • Alida, your writing has improved so much over the months on Winamp as well as on DA! Keep up the good work and the ideas flowing!
      Choking On Nothing by Lee

      Waiting, she never came
      And life will still be the same.

      Growing tired of this pain,
      Driving me absolutely insane.

      Choking on nothing
      Even if I found something
      Though there was little trust
      I still walked on fragile crust.

      Here I am, alive and well
      To hear the stories you tell
      Savour every moment of this,
      Down to the last kiss.

      I may dream forever in my bed,
      Remember all the promises you said.

      Life without you continues to be the same,
      You were my catalyst, but you never came.
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      • Thanks guys!

        This is another one for Raz... My mum and I had another fight about me seeing him this summer...

        .:: Ten Perfect Cherries ::.

        My thoughts were filled with cherries
        As I went out this afternoon
        But my mind swiftly changed subject
        To single thoughts of you

        With ease I picked some cherries
        Marvelled at them so;
        Their two-toned skins gently shining
        Their plump fresh bodies aglow

        I rolled seven a'twixt my fingers
        And into the silver bowl
        Two more I found just growing
        The small bowl was just about full

        Nine perfect cherries were sitting
        In that silver bowl that shone
        And it was then that I saw it
        But almost at once, my hope was gone

        On the tip of a long craggy branch
        Was the most perfect cherry I'd ever seen
        It looked so round and juicy
        It shone with a delicate sheen

        As I stretched my body out to pick it
        I knew it was just too far
        My fingers couldn't even brush it
        The inside of my head turned to tar

        It was then that my mind just realised
        That that little cherry was you
        So perfect, the only thing I focused on
        And it was the distance that made us blue

        A chirp heralded the presence
        Of a fat bird, come to land
        It stirred the branch just enough
        And the cherry fell into my open hand

        Perhaps things do have a happy ending
        Like that cherry in the back yard
        At last ten perfect cherries rested
        Like ten songs, composed by an ancient bard.
        just as feathery as ever | portfolio | a poignant quote


        • Raven dear, can't you have picked another fruit? Cherries gives me the wrong ideas ... ... just joking. Please no sexual harrassment joke here.

          I agree with Lee ... ravens writting has grown much more mature and for some reason, grown more depth. It is hard to believe that such a young person having such old soul ...

          : Total Dominance
          A twisted mistake
          an uncalled for coinsidance
          I never asked for that miracle
          and here I am receiving it full
          I wandered this world
          alone and happy
          my walls were high
          and nothing was crappy
          yet a horn made from heaven
          blown by mortal man
          broke down my defence
          and left me in pain
          how much I wish that she never came
          she brough great sorrow
          as well as great confusion
          my world no longer works as it have
          martial law have been declared
          and I am my own prisoner
          as I bend my knees for you
          I relinquish my soul
          a subject in your domain
          I become nothing

          Have any of you ever had this feeling that when you see the one you love, you wished you were dead rite then, because that is the climax of your entire life?

          Well ... food for thought.

          Sometimes it is just being me that counts
          By: izchan


          • Damn Iz, that's a pretty good point. But with our actions we can make ourselves climax plenty of times. If we die we get no more climaxes.
            Wheels of Fate by Lee

            Why do we hurt ourselves again and again,
            When will it stop?
            As the cogs keeping turning out our fate,
            How may we correct it before it's too late.

            Each rotation spins for our future,
            With a rustic cacophonous overture,
            Dancing when its good, moping when sad,
            Or both at the same time, neither good nor bad.

            Always wondering if the wheels stop spinning,
            And there's no purpose or meaning,
            How may we correct it before it's too late,
            Or will we perish at the wheels of fate.
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            • I knew I should not have started with those sexual implicated wordings .. now even Lee gets infected by it.

              : Vengence
              Were you faking it?
              was it just a lie?
              I thought I knew you
              Now I am no longer sure why
              I gave you everything
              and you said you did too
              but at the end
              you just left me there
              just to show me you could be cruel

              was it all a lie?
              Were you faking it all?
              I no longer trust the truth
              everything I know is a blur
              as the seeds of doubt enclose me
              I see the last light blink away
              so goes the hope
              so goes the dream
              only nightmares are left with me
              as I scream my last breath
              for a vow that I could not keep
              I'll be back with vengence
              and make you pay

              So much anger.
              let go you must.
              for anger, dark side it will lead.

              Sometimes it is just being me that counts
              By: izchan


              • Bah, I'm already

                Face hidden behind a silk veil,
                Hiding the sorrow that lurks,
                She walks with a ghostly stride,
                As her velvet dress glides along
                Broken memories of a shattered past.

                Gouged by hate, blinded by love,
                Once blue azure eyes now windowless,
                Entombed by anguish, drowning her soul,
                Ceasing any life into the black cesspool,
                And her heart is as gray as the walls around.

                Clouded by visions of that fateful day,
                When hate and love stole her spirit away,
                She feels as old as time, but felt like yesterday,
                Hoping one day someone will open the door,
                So the light can embrace her once more.

                Patience is a virtue, they've always said,
                As she dreams amongst cobwebs and dust,
                Remembering the past was the norm,
                Moreover, something was different,
                Hearing a distant voice telling her that we're almost 'here'.

                Awoken by a loud rumbling down below,
                Ivy covered stones crumble to the floor,
                Her 'tomb' is falling apart, torn open by some force,
                Light shone through the opening cracks,
                The voice in her dream was closer now.

                The earthquake created an opening in the wall,
                Where she heard the soft quell of the waves,
                And the smell of salt air filled the still room,
                Breaking the seal of darkness around her,
                The voice was just outside her newly created door.

                Walking into the light, feeling it's warmth,
                Melting the ice that emcompassed her heart,
                A southern wind lifted the veil revealing her face,
                The sorrow in her eyes wiped away as she opened them,
                And her sad aura stripped away by the rays of sun.

                The voice called from above, "It's time to leave",
                "Paradise is waiting, release yourself".

                An aura surrounded her body, and she felt herself 'leaving',
                Her shell crumbles to the sand and dies,
                As she fades from the world under cerulean skies.

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                • Lee ... that is beautiful.

                  I will try to post something up later on today.
                  am kind of tired from rushing around lately.

                  See u guys later.
                  Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                  By: izchan


                  • ty izchan!

                    This is one these write here that could get me in trouble one of these days...
                    Suicidal Faith by Lee

                    Beaten down the path by hatred,
                    As I hold my wounds that bled,
                    Leaving a trail of tainted blood,
                    Clinging to my body like mud.

                    Looking to the sky for signs of hope,
                    But I hang my spirits low and cope,
                    No one wants this poor old soul,
                    Quivering against wind so cold.

                    But I keep on going, hoping for death to pass me by,
                    So I can ease my mind and finally die.

                    Release the pain and nightmares from my head,
                    Leave my body lying in the cold, dead.

                    I can't escape my cage, the key is gone,
                    Tired of being everyone's pawn,
                    Freedom I loathe in my sleep,
                    Awakened by the scars burning me deep.

                    Molded into 'them', hollowed and empty,
                    There's nothing much left of me,
                    They took it all away over the years,
                    I'm left with sorrow-filled tears.

                    But I keep on going, hoping for death to pass me by,
                    So I can ease my mind and finally die.

                    Release my pain and silence the nightmares from my head,
                    Take my soul to a better place, and leave my body, dead.
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                    • Lee ... I would say that every poem we write, we write a part of ourself in it. Might it be imaginative or pure whims of fantasy, but it is part of us and our thoughts are what makes us individuals and unique.

                      I would hope that by writting out of deepest fears and our hiddens thoughts, we might be able to purge our souls of the pressure that it hides. Eventually allowing us the strength and wisdom to stand down and seek assistance.

                      : Mirrors of life
                      Like a child we run and hide
                      afraid of the consequences
                      we would rather die and face the truth
                      about what we trully are within our faces
                      the inner soul has a thousand mirrors
                      each reflecting a part of the whole
                      combined we see our life
                      that which we could have controlled
                      yet these fragments of individuality
                      comes to us only in our sleep
                      like fantasies from a book
                      we think of it as dreams
                      yet so much truth it tells
                      it is hard to conceives
                      that the drunken monkey
                      could have come up with it
                      so heed your inner voice
                      listen to its words
                      and learn what we desire
                      and act accordingly
                      some might be proper
                      some could be irrelevent
                      some will be dangerous
                      some can be fruitfull
                      as one who is conscious of our decisions
                      we play the role of leader
                      a leader of our virtue
                      a leader of our sins
                      Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                      By: izchan


                      • I believe my poetry is getting more transgressive and emotional. But hey, it's all a part of my release...
                        Scarred by Lee

                        My scars, they hurt so badly,
                        When I was beaten by my daddy,
                        He did it for pleasure or when he was mad,
                        And he made me grew up to be very sad.

                        The flesh on my back is crisscrossd with lashes,
                        Sometimes getting infected and forming rashes,
                        I wonder if he did it out of spite and malice,
                        But either way I couldn't get away or resist.

                        Each lash brought me tears,
                        And it continued on for many years,
                        Even after he was sent to prison,
                        I still feel the pain within.

                        I can't go without a day,
                        Thinking of how I was treated this way,
                        With scars burning into my me,
                        Wishing I could heal and be free.

                        Kept on living as if it was my fault all along,
                        And what I did in the past was wrong,
                        But how the heck should I know,
                        I was only four years old.

                        My birth was unplanned, I was an accident,
                        Believed I was the cause of my torment,
                        If only I obeyed, I wouldn't have been hurt so badly,
                        But it won't matter, because I have an abusive Daddy.
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                        • ... a trancession ...

                          Will try yo post something later. but no promises. As I am again stuck with a unreasonble dateline.

                          Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                          By: izchan


                          • post whenever the thought arrives my need to rush
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                            • I woke up today and I cried.

                              : no longer
                              I seldom think of it
                              never really noticed
                              going through it everyday
                              expecting things to be there everyday
                              then one morning I wake up
                              and everything has changed
                              nothing is the same anymore
                              you no longer walk into my room
                              and wake me for school
                              you no longer tell me to drink my milk
                              for its good for my health
                              I no longer get the chance to say it loud
                              I love you mother
                              I always did
                              and now I no longer can
                              for you are no longer there
                              as I sit here alone
                              in my empty room
                              remembering the times you are here
                              and I cried my silent tears
                              for you are no longer there to wipe it away

                              later people.
                              Sometimes it is just being me that counts
                              By: izchan


                              • Iz long time no see! Sorry about the absences everyone I aint written anything overly intresting lately.
                                Mind you I had a really good idea in my exam so I came out with writing all over my hand and I'm surprised they didn't stop to see it wasn't answers for the exam, but yeah anywayz, hows everyone been? Thought I'd pop in and say hi.
                                I've got two new poems from myself, They're not very good because it has been sometime since I last sat down to write, my style hasnt changed, but I hope you like them, criticise them all you want.


                                I don’t know why, but I feel a mess today
                                I don’t understand how I broke myself again
                                As all the anger, hurt and pain
                                Current back to me in a cascade of faradising silence
                                I don’t even realise its back
                                Until those thoughts are chocking me

                                You sit there watching, scared of my tears
                                As you whisper you love me, you’ll always be here
                                Yet words have no effect on me
                                Not anymore
                                All of them have been said by a previous love
                                Then washed away by bitter rain, stabbing me in the back

                                Eye for an eye

                                As sorrowing moans beckon my tears
                                Sobs choke at my throat
                                As I sit tearful upon a burning crypt
                                Engulfed by its flames
                                I bury our love upon a bloody child hood
                                Watching it all fade away

                                Dark clouds fill my sky
                                Crying a million crimson tears
                                As there depression pelts and crashes around me

                                The devil scratches at the edges of darkness
                                Trying to bury my light
                                I breathe, trying to stop the wailing of my heart
                                Trying to silence my world for the last time

                                As lust and the seven sins
                                Become beautiful to those of greed
                                I become lost in blossoms of screams

                                Anger of violation twisting at me
                                Chocking at me
                                Building up hatred in my heart
                                Anger becoming more than an expression
                                It becomes an art
                                Portraying the hurtfulness and greed, that we feel in this world

                                Revenge is “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”
                                But by doing that we’ll all become speechless and blind.
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